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The Top 3 River Cruises for 2021-- And Why ​You ​Should Come Aboard!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

With 2020 drawing to a close (good riddance!), and the world opening back up, it's a great time to start dreaming, and planning your next adventure! We're all itching to pack our bags and get out of town, and I have some spectacular adventures to choose from, and exclusive offers for my clients in 2021! Now is the time to treat yourself to the getaway you deserve! There are ​so many dreamy reasons to choose a river cruise f​or your next escape. The thought of 5 star accommodations, smaller craft vessels, and a new destination daily can set your mind sailing towards your next vacation. And you only have to unpack ONCE!

Choosing the right river cruise can seem daunting. The variety of river cruises available can seem exciting and overwhelming. Keep reading as I narrow down the abundance of options to my expert picks for your next luxury destination!

River cruises are smaller, craft vacations that give the goer the opportunity to experience the narrow river passes, and smaller docs that larger cruise lines can't access. The average vessel holds around 200 passengers-- a sharp comparison to the larger cruise lines with passengers in the thousands, creating a quaint and intimate atmosphere perfect for relaxing and reconnecting after a loooong year.

Many cruises are focused on the cultural enrichment of its guests. Once aboard, guides will recount the rich history of the cities you visit, enlivened with performances and eclectic entertainment, and taste the fine cuisine of the culture you are immersed in.

Lets not forget the incredible value that comes with an all-inclusive river cruise! Food, Wine, Daily Excursions and Incredible experiences all come standard with a luxury river cruise-- you will even get free WIFI to share your real-time travel stories with family and friends back home!

Smaller vessels means everyone gets fantastic views. As you cruise along the waterways, often you will have a view of the rich and diverse European landscape from both sides of your room, making a river cruise a perfect option if you experience motion sickness.

3 Luxury European River Cruises Not To Miss in 2021:

Ama Waterways Cruise From Basel to Amsterdam, enjoying France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, along the Rhine and Moselle Rivers Enjoy 10 days traversing the waters from Belgium to Amsterdam! So many historic cities, colorful canals, and picturesque vineyards and foliage await as you cruise along the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Enjoy Switzerland's gorgeous cities from the comfort of your private balcony, or disembark for a gondola ride in Rüdesheim, Germany. Explore castles, and gardens, and fine wine, beer and food from the heart of europe!

Avalon Cruise from Budapest to Vienna along the Danube River Avalons Modern and thoughtful rooms offer a view of Europe through panoramic windows- right from your bed! This cruise is great for travelers looking to enjoy leisurely pursuits at their own pace. Bike, paddle, or hike your way through Eastern Europe, seeing Count Dracula’s Tower in Hungary, or a swanky bike tour and wine tasting in Avignon. Explore the elegant architecture and glistening lights of Vienna, or immerse yourself in Romania’s rich cultural offerings.

Uniworld Cruise From Milan to Venice & along the lagoon between the mouths of the Po and Piave Rivers Eat and drink your way through the rich culture of Northern Italy. Cruising from Milan to Venice reveals a friendly and colorful history from art, to architecture, to cathedrals and shopping. This river cruise is ideal for travelers who enjoy wandering through the narrow streets, and exploring the ports on foot. See St. Mark’s Basilica, the unique canals of Burano, Mazzorbo and Torcello, and the quaint fishing port of Chioggia, and visit Padua, home to Galileo and Copernicus.

This cruise is packed with enriching cultural experiences, charming landscapes, and the option for a lot of free exploration! Combine that with unique family friendly adventures, and this is a perfect choice for a family get away or experienced travelers looking for a unique luxury experience.

BOOK EARLY There are a lot of really spectacular all inclusive packages and promotions available right now, but How do you know you’re getting the best package for the price?

The secret to taking advantage of these offers is booking early. Once travel restrictions are lifted these prices will undoubtedly go back up, and promotional offers will come to an end. Some package deals available right now include airfare, while others offer an abundance of off-boat activities to choose from. ​Call me now​, or ​send me an email​ letting me know which packages speak to you, what your ideal travel dates are, or which European sights are on your bucket list. Let’s make it happen in the new year!

Contact me to start planning your river cruise!

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