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Destination Proposals - 5 Romantic Places to Propose

Thinking of planning a destination proposal? Yes, it's a thing!

Proposal Tip: What do you two like to do as a couple? Hiking? Paddleboarding? Maybe you said I love you for the first time on the beach in Jamaica. Pick something that has significance to you both as a couple and use it as a starting point to plan your proposal.

The secret ingredient to a successful proposal while on vacation is the pre-planning. When I help clients plan their destination proposals, I do all of the work prior to departure to line everything up. From dinner reservations and finding the perfect stretch of beach for the special moment, to making sure the room has your partner’s favorite flowers — all the details are taken care of so popping the question is as stress-free as possible.

My top 5 romantic places to propose:


How romantic is this? You’re floating above the vineyards of Tuscany, sipping on the best wine if your life, taking in a beautiful sunset. Italy’s famous wine region is the perfect place to ask the all-important question.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are notoriously elusive, so this proposal may be a bit risky. But if you can pull it off, you’d have the most magical beginning of all time. There are two easy ways to tee this up. I can book you a tour with a local guide to chase down those Northern Lights or book you a car for cruising around Iceland to find the best viewing spots yourselves.


Not one for cliches? Skip the Eiffel Tower and head north to the Champagne region. Enjoy decadent food, sweeping views of vineyards and just the right amount of romance. There are countless vineyards to choose from where you can pop the question. Opt for a romantic picnic and private champagne tasting or a vineyard tour.


Santorini was made for proposals. Look at how stunning it is! And those ocean views? Unbelievable! Book a table with a view for dinner and pop the question as the sun goes down over the Mediterranean. There will be nothing for your partner to say but yes!


Escape the busy streets of Barcelona for a day by heading up Montserrat Mountain. Pack yourself a picnic, champagne, and don’t forget the ring too! You can pop the question as you climb to the top of the mountain in the cable car, or wait until you’ve popped the bubbly and are enjoying the beautiful views at the top.

There’s something so romantic about being away together, and alone in your own little corner of the world. Whether it’s tucked away in a cozy cabin or lounging on an island far far away, a vacation can make even the simplest proposal spectacular. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start planning yours now!

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